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Understanding Charity Care

What is Charity Care?

Hospital financial assistance and charity care help people and families in Washington pay for hospital services. Financial assistance and charity care provide either free or reduced-price care, depending on your eligibility and income.

Who is Eligible for Charity Care?

Charity Care is generally for people who do not have other financial resources available, such as insurance, government programs, or regular income.

To receive financial assistance and charity care your income level must be within our guidelines. If your income is within our guidelines, you can get assistance with coinsurance and deductible balances even if you are insured. To receive financial assistance and charity care, you cannot be involved in a work related injury or auto accident or similar situation where someone else has a legal responsibility to pay for the costs of hospital care.

How do I Apply?

Application for Charity Care includes a completed Financial Statement and proof of income for the past twelve-months including any recent changes to your financial situation in the last 90 days, for the responsible person and spouse, using any of the following:

  • Payroll check stubs
  • Most recent IRS tax returns
  • Unemployment compensation records
  • Letter of support from individuals providing basic needs
  • Notice of benefits from government programs

Who Sees My Application?

Your application and all information relating to it will be kept strictly confidential.

When Will I Know if I am Eligible?

Within fourteen days after receiving your application, the hospital will notify you in writing.

What Happens if I am Eligible?

Your written notice will include the level of discount allowed. If outstanding balance is not paid, the hospital reserves the right to cancel Charity Care discounts and assign unpaid balances to a collection agency.

What if I’m Not Eligible?

Denial notices will include the reason for the denial, payment terms, and instructions for appeal. You may appeal the decision by providing additional proof of income or family size within 30 days. All appeals will be reviewed by the Assistant Administrator of Business Services and the Chief Financial Officer. You will receive written notice of their final decision.

What About My Other Medical Expenses?

The hospital’s decision to provide Charity Care does not affect your financial obligation to your physician or other healthcare providers.

Financial assistance and charity care do not cover transportation costs or care that is not medical necessary or elective, such as cosmetic procedures, and do not cover doctors’ or clinic-based services.

Where Can I Get More Information or Help?

Cascade Valley Hospital also offers a Financial Assistance Program to assist qualified patients with outstanding self-pay balances. View our 2017 Sliding Payment Schedule to see if you qualify. You can download our Application for Financial Assistance. Please return the signed application along with proof of income to the address on the top of the application.

Please also read about our Financial Assistance and Sliding Fee Scale policies.
View our Financial Assistance/Charity Care Policy Summary.​

Asistencia financiera
Cascade Valley Hospital también ofrece un Programa de asistencia financiera para ayudar a los pacientes elegibles que tienen saldos pendientes y no tienen cobertura de seguro. Vea nuestro Esquema de pagos variables de 2017 para determinar si usted es elegible. Puede descargar nuestra Solicitud de asistencia financiera. Entregue la solicitud firmada junto con un comprobante de ingresos a la dirección que figura en la parte superior de la solicitud.

Lea también nuestras políticas sobre Asistencia financiera y sobre la escala de aranceles variables.
Vea un resumen de nuestra Política de Ayuda Financiera/Atención Solidaria.

Финансовая помощь
Больница Cascade Valley также предлагает программу финансовой помощи с целью оказать подержу отвечающим требованиям пациентам, у которых есть непогашенный остаток самостоятельной оплаты за лечение. Ознакомьтесь с нашим гибким графиком выплат за 2017 г., чтобы узнать отвечаете ли вы требованиям. Скачать заявление на финансовую помощь можно тут. Отправьте подписанное заявление и справку о доходах на адрес, указанный в верхней части заявления.

Также, прочтите нашу Политику финансовой помощи и гибкой шкалы выплат.
Просмотреть нашу политику финансовой помощи / благотворительной медицинской помощи
For help with your application, or if you need more than 14 days to complete it, contact your Financial Services Representative at (360) 618-7620.

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