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ED Nurse, Hannah Soule, RN receives DAISY Award

Congratulations to Hannah Soule, RN on receiving the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses!

I have had the honor of watching Hannah grow into a wonderful Registered Nurse. We started at Cascade Valley Hospital at the same time. I remember Hannah telling me this was her first RN job and she was incredibly excited and grateful to be working in the Emergency Department. Over the last three years, I have watched Hannah develop into the epitome of excellent nursing. Her bedside manner reflects patience, kindness, empathy and caring. She extends those core nursing characteristics to both patients and family/friends. Hannah never hesitates to take additional time to provide extra patient teaching and/or sit to listen to concerns. She responds to patients with thoroughness, compassion, empathy and kindness. Additionally, Hannah has excellent assessment skills and consistently demonstrates excellent medical decision making with all of her patients. Her knowledge and confidence puts her patients at ease. Hannah is also a vital member to the ED team. She is always willing to help others and leads the ED with grace and poise while she serves as a Charge Nurse. One of Hannah’s many strengths include her positive energy and willingness to meet all challenges encountered in emergency room nursing. She is an essential member of the Cascade Valley Hospital nursing team and will continue giving incredible care to all of her patients and co-workers. Often, those employees on night shift do not receive accolades recognizing their dedication to providing excellent patient care. Therefore, I am delighted to nominate Hannah Soule for a Daisy Award as her overall nursing skills both reflect extraordinary clinical skills and compassionate care making her the perfect Registered Nurse to receive the Daisy Award.

Dr. Jaya DeElena, DNP-FNP